Who We Are & What We Do

The Friends Of Huddersfield Station run an information desk inside the booking hall at the railway station. We provide information on timetables, railcards and local transport services as well as maps, directions and general information about the town centre and the Huddersfield area as a whole. We display the full range of Discover Huddersfield trails and walks leaflets together with a large selection of tourist information for Yorkshire.

At the current time, we have approximately 20 volunteers and, thanks to generous sponsorship, we can be easily identified by our attractive purple jackets, polo shirts and sweatshirts. Apart from providing travel and visitor information, a number of our volunteers also carry out gardening Activities on the station platforms.

In October 2014 the Friends won an award from the Association of Community Rail Partnerships (ACoRP) in the category Passengers Matter.

Felix the famous Station Cat keeps a close eye on our activities in between her duties as Senior Pest Controller. Her new apprentice Bolt also likes to visit our desk from time to time.

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Friends of Huddersfield Station volunteers
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Friends of Huddersfield Station volunteers
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Friends of Huddersfield Station volunteers
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A Friends of Huddersfield Station volunteer
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The ACORP award
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Felix the station cat
Felix the Station Cat
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Bolt the station cat
Bolt the Station Cat